3 Tips for Happy Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Everybody wants the best for their pet. Keeping your pet fed, clean and with plenty of water are the basics of taking proper care of your beloved rabbit or guinea pig. However, they have needs beyond these essentials. If they are neglected, your pet may end up feeling distressed. Don’t worry though, keeping your pet happy is pretty easy once you know how to do it. In this blog, we are sharing three ways to keep your rabbit or guinea pig happy.


Give them enough space


People often suggest rabbits and guinea pigs as pets for people who don’t have a lot of space. If you keep them cooped up in a small cage your little pet will get distressed and bored. If you intend to keep your pet in a hutch most of the time, ensure they have a substantial run area attached to the hutch which gives them room to play and stretch their legs. However, it is recommended that you regularly let your pet out of their hutch/run area to explore and avoid boredom.


Proof your house


As small and adorable as bunnies and guinea pigs are, they can cause their fair share of destruction. Rabbits and guinea pigs need to be constantly chewing because their teeth never stop growing. Proofing your house will create a safe space for your pet to wander and it will also help protect your belongings. Rabbits are especially known to chew through cords and cables so cover them in some tubing, put them away or create a barrier to keep them away from power boards. Rabbits may also try and chew through table legs and baseboards as well, so keep an eye on them. If you can’t proof your house or keep an eye on your pets when they go exploring, it’s best to set them up in an enclosed playpen.


Keep them entertained


Like most animals, rabbits and guinea pigs need entertainment. You can make or get toys to keep them from chewing up your house out of boredom. If you have some old cardboard boxes around you can make a little house or maze for them to explore and tear to shreds. Guinea pigs love little places they can hide and burrow in so you can make them a little blanket fort or a pouch they can snuggle in for hours of entertainment.



If want to know how to give your rabbit or guinea pig the best care possible or if you’re concerned about your pet’s health, Vets in Endeavour Hills offers vet services for pocket-sized pets. Call our friendly vets on (03) 9700 2264 to schedule an appointment today.

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